The Problem: Retailers are consolidating operations and driving more business through fewer installation companies. Installation companies are seeing their administrative costs rise and even smaller contractors are doing late night administrative chores to keep up.

The Solution: Seamlessly connect store, contractor, installer and customer, in one convenient location allowing you to visualize and manage your entire business from a single cost effective cloud platform.

billboard-invoicingPO Management

Easy access to related POs and documents, installer labor allocations, activity audit trail, notes, text and email tracking, IMS Status.

  • Automated PO and Document Capture
  • Document Storage and Management
  • Quick Access to Digital Forms – Lowe’s and THD by Category
  • Quick Access to Related POs With Easy Document Transfer
  • Labor Cost Management. Multi Installer Labor Allocation
  • Activity Audit Logs – Track User Actions on a PO
  • Integrated Office, Field and Warehouse Portals
  • Inventory Management
  • Flexible Workflows


Surge1 supports multiple methods
of visual and automated scheduling.

  • Office Based or Field Based Scheduling
  • Auto Update of Lowe’s IMS Status
  • Details scheduled in store, roll automatically to the installer calendar
  • Map Based Scheduling
  • Drag/Drop Scheduling
  • Quick Scheduling
  • Auto SMS Notifications With Two-Way Text Messaging.
  • Template Based Message Scripting.
  •  Easily Manage Installer Availability by Store and Job Category


Surge1 supports multiple system integrations.


  • Two-Way Lowes IMS Integration (POs, Docs, Note Sync, Status Update)
  • THD Conx Integration
  • Lowe’s Payments: Auto Match Payments to Invoice.
  • Quick Books Integration (Invoices, Payments, Labor)
  • Floorsoft/Floorwizard Integration (Doc Transfer, Auto ISST Flow)
  • Measure Square Integration
  • Zillow Integration (home details, date built, easy lead management)


Surge1 has a wide array of standard operational reports as well as advanced business and KPI reporting.

  • Standard Operational Reporting Built In
  • Advanced Reporting via Tableau Integration
  • Measure/Installation Turn Around
  • Revenue/Margin Performance
  • Sales Statistics and Job Counts
  • Powerful Graphic Visuals and Dashboards