The Problem: Retailers are consolidating operations and driving more business through fewer installation companies. Installation companies are seeing their administrative costs rise and even smaller contractors are doing late night administrative chores to keep up.

The Solution: Seamlessly connect store, contractor, installer and customer, in one convenient location allowing you to visualize and manage your entire business from a single cost effective cloud platform.

billboard-invoicingPO Processing

It takes time to manually process purchase orders and other documents. Surge1 drastically reduces the time and costs associated with this administrative burden.

  • Automated PO Capture – Whether your purchase orders come in as readable text or by scanned image, we automatically read and capture the relevant data and upload it to your account for easy access.
  • Document Management – An installation can require multiple documents – details, purchase orders, notes, and work orders. We manage and consolidate these documents to provide easy, electronic access to your entire paper trail.
  • Automated Workflow – Expedite your entire purchase order process from detail to payment.

billboard-invoicingOnline Scheduling

Scheduling made easy. Our automated software will help you reduce the number of calls you have to make while improving your time and phase.

  • Calendar Control – You control the calendar availability of each installer. You set start times, stop times, blackouts, job qualifications, and the expected duration of each job type. When a purchase order moves to scheduling we connect the dots to determine who can do the job and when they are available.
  • Online Appointment Scheduling – Our system automatically notifies the customer to schedule their detail or installation through our online customer portal.
  • Auto Notification – Once a job is scheduled, it will automatically post to the selected installer’s calendar and notify the store.

billboard-invoicingAutomated Invoicing

Surge1 makes invoicing simple. Your Installers can access COCs along with supporting documents (e.g. detail, purchase order or work order) directly from their installer portal.

  • Automatic Invoicing – Once the customer’s signature is captured, the installer can click to review the invoice. Then click again to send the invoice to the store along with a copy of the COC. Two clicks, that’s all it takes.

billboard-invoicingFinancial Reporting

All Surge1 customers receive an integrated FreshBooks account at no additional charge – providing a secure, integrated solution to your invoicing and financial reporting needs.

  • Cloud-Based Accounting – Lowe’s contractors can track receivables and payments on a detailed store by store basis, record and track business expenses, and view invoice details and profit reports. If you prefer to use your own accounting service you can export your invoice and payment details with just a click.
  • Integrated Dashboards – Our personal, secure dashboards provide contractors and installers a real-time view of amounts invoiced, paid, and outstanding.
  • Better Communication – Your installers will know at a glance their accumulated paycheck for the current week. Having continual access to this information will eliminate constant calls to your office staff. Your installers are in front of the installed sales department every day. With this information at their mobile fingertips, who better to ask why an invoice has not been paid?