Simplify Your Purchase Order Process With Surge1 Software

simplfy your purchase order process with Surge1 Software

For contracting businesses of all sizes, the management of Lowe’s purchase orders is often very disorganized. A lot of small organizations may lack the skilled financial staff to manage their purchase orders and larger businesses may have to deal with outdated legacy systems to manage their PO workflow.

Inefficient PO processing drains installer companies of a lot of administration time and capital in terms of wasted time and manpower. This inefficiency can be addressed by automating your purchase order process. Surge1 office automation software can be used to automate your Lowe’s installer business and dramatically reduce common errors that may occur when manually entering purchase orders.

Some common issues you may face are:

  • Illegible handwriting- with paper forms it may be hard to read what is written resulting in endless back and forth to get the correct information.  This is very evident on handwritten details.  Digital detail sheets not only look good but will reduce the phone calls on questionable handwriting.
  • Missing COC’s- If your business requires a completed form on a purchase order, manual forms can easily be lost or forgotten. The time wasted on chasing down the COC’s from installers can be a huge hassle.

The purchase order process is part of a larger chain of events that includes everything from reading the PO correctly, scheduling the PO, notifications to the store or CPO, invoicing and processing of payments.

Here is my old way to handle Lowe’s PO’s:

1. We would receive the PO via fax or email.  We would then scan/move the information into dropbox files under store number.

2. We would then call the customer to schedule the detail or installation.

3. If the customer did not answer we would input the information on a spreadsheet to update the store.

4. If customer answered then we would input the information on a cloud calendar for the installers to know where they are going.

5. Once the installers arrive at the house we would have blank COC’s stored into one drive for the installer to sign off on.  

6. Installers would then email the COC’s back to the office for us to upload in Dropbox and then manually create the invoice.

7. Then we would compare the Lowe’s payments and mark each individual transaction paid in Quickbooks.



By fully automating your purchase order process you can save the endless back and forth between departments, thus saving you time, frustration, and error.

Automated Purchase Order Process:

1. PO comes in from Lowe’s and automatically converted to a digital file.

2. Text message goes out to the customer to schedule online.  Once the customer schedules online the store and the CPO are automatically notified and all needed documents are transferred to the installer schedule automatically.

3. The installers have all the information on the customer in his schedule and has the customer sign a COC.  All information is profiled on the COC automatically.  Then the COC is automatically uploaded in the PO record.

4. The office sees the COC/Detail has been completed and invoices with one click to the store.

5. Loweslink payments are uploaded to Surge1 and automatically makes the PO’s paid and a labor report is generated to cut checks.



With an automated PO system, you don’t even have to leave your desk to complete the purchase order process. Your team is seamlessly integrated within the Surge1 dashboard.  You will be able to see COC’s being signed in real time and invoicing PO’s before the installer leaves the customers driveway. We connect everything from vendor, installer, warehouse, store, to CPO.

We cover all categories for Lowe’s installers including PSI and PSE jobs.  With our PSI solution, we group all your PO’s into one project automatically.  We take the “paper” and “work” out of paperwork.