Surge1 is Coming Out of The Shadows

scheduling app in surge1 software
Surge1 Office Automation software is the top choice in installer software to help you run your contracting business smoothly. If you’re a contractor or installer for Lowe’s, Surge1’s easy to use platform can save you time and help cut daily operation cost.

Since launching our service in March 2017 we have focused every day on earning credibility with install companies across all Lowe’s categories in a broad national field. The recent successful launch of our flooring and warehouse solution completes our catalog of categories, and we are now looking forward to a great 2018 and many new features.

Surge1 helps bridge the gap between contractors and big box companies by easily automating the installation process from order to invoice. Surge1 office automation software allows you to track orders, schedule installs, and cut out the repetitive tasks of data entry from our cloud based office automation software.

The daily tasks of an installer— aside from the physical labor, are filled with phone calls, voicemails, and emails. These seemingly easy tasks can eat up productive hours of your work day and are repeated day in and day out. How much time would you save by not having to manually enter details of each install? Surge1 helps you improve time and phase by eliminating these repetitive tasks because it’s all automated and managed online. Our purchase order capture helps you eliminate paperwork and tedious data entry by reading and extracting necessary parts of your purchase order and uploading it directly to your account. Reduce the number of phone calls you have to make to installer or customer with online appointment scheduling. Our system automatically notifies the customer to schedule their installation through a unique online customer portal, eliminating scheduling conflicts and making for a positive customer experience.

If you’re buried in paper, spend too much time with scheduling and follow-up, or are having trouble with store or CPO notifications— we can help. Surge1 is market tested. Our pricing is simple and transparent, and we are rapidly expanding through the Lowe’s installation community. If you have not heard of us, or have not looked at us in a while, we would love a chance to show you what we can do for your business.