How Can Surge1 Help You Improve Your Next Lowe’s Install

As the owner of a Lowe’s installation business, you know that finding the right installer to schedule for a job takes a lot more than just picking a name out of a hat. Too many businesses are still relying on Google Docs, e-mails, or phone calls to manage their scheduling needs. With an inefficient and outdated installer scheduling processes, you’re setting yourself up for wasted administration costs and possible schedule overlap. That’s why we’ve built an automated software solution to help Lowe’s installation companies, large and small, refine their scheduling process and remove hassles such as double booking or lack of communication with the customer.

Let’s take a look at how easy scheduling issues can occur

At any given time you may have 3 or 4 (or more) installers on your team and you need to find one who is available to do a job. However looking at your manual scheduling system it seems that installer 1 doesn’t have the correct qualifications and installer 3 and 4 both have commitments with another job that would make them late to the homeowner’s location. Instead of wracking your brain to figure out that installer 2 is the only one who fits all your needs, Surge1 office automation software does it for you.

How can you refine your scheduling process with Surge1?

Calendar Control: Surge1 office automation software gives you full control of your scheduling. With calendar control, you are in charge of the availability of each installer on your team. You can set the start time, stop time, and job qualifications. Once a purchase order reaches the scheduling process our software automatically connects the pieces and finds who is qualified to do the job and when they are available.

Online Appointment Scheduling: Surge1’s system automatically notifies the customer by text or email to schedule their detail or install via our online customer portal. They will only be able to select available dates and times so double booking your technicians are a thing of the past. No more phone calls from customers asking when the technician will arrive because they got to choose a time that best suits their needs.

Auto Notification: Once a job has been scheduled the selected installer’s calendar will automatically be updated and the store will be notified.

As simple as the scheduling process with Surge1 is, the contracting business is often unpredictable so we’ve accounted for that. Should you need to reschedule an install or assign a job to a different worker Surge1 office automation’s calendar comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop scheduling tool.

Let’s face it, your current method of scheduling needs help. Surge1’s office automation software helps you stay on top of things while saving time and cutting administrative costs. Contact us today so we can show you how Surge1 will help you streamline the process of scheduling your next Lowe’s install.