How Can Office Automation Software Help Your Business

As an installer for big box companies, you’re likely busy and don’t have time to change up how your business runs, but what if that change means you’ll save both time and money? If you own an installation business that partners with big box retailers such as Lowe’s, you understand how quickly tasks such as creating invoices or finding the correct installer for the job can build up throughout the day.

Office Automation Software helps you track the workflow of your installers or contractors in quick steps. It enables you to streamline communication. On a given day you might receive upwards of 40 calls and emails from store, contractors, and customers. Some jobs may require approval or schedule changes. How nice would it be if you could handle all of this with just a few clicks of a button in your automated software? That’s where Surge1 comes in to help.

Office automation software helps installers and contractors cut operation cost and time by managing repetitive daily tasks. Many businesses think they’ve attained office automation simply by using email as communication, or Google Calendar for scheduling, but a proper system will automate tasks for you— reducing the need for emails or phone calls.

One of the biggest advantages of office automation software for installers or contractors is the amount of time it saves. But not only will you be saving time when you choose to automate your business, you’ll also be cutting down on human intervention and manual error. When communication between the store, installer, and customer is streamlined, everything becomes transparent. The issue of missed approvals and lost or miskeyed information from purchase orders is gone.

Automating your installation workflow improves your business process. Shorter data entry time allows for more time on the actual install, and streamlined invoicing software means you get paid faster. With Surge1’s cloud-based software you are able to access all data from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Wherever you are you can check what stage your work order is in, add notes for the technician, or schedule a new home installation.

As a Lowe’s installer your job is made simpler with office automation software by being able to access your schedule for the day at a glance. Paperwork will be a thing of the past as all information you’d usually get from order sheets will be available directly in the app. Instead of heading back to the office after you complete a customer job to painstakingly enter the data for the day, all of your paperwork will be done and sent as soon as you complete your job. That means when work is done, it’s done and you can go home to relax.

Some say “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”, but Surge1 office automation software improves issues you may not know you had. If you’re ready to increase your margins and streamline your business contact Surge1 today.