Our Story

In the Beginning

Surge1 was started by a Lowe’s installer, a business analyst and a software developer who turned a trailer parked by a local lake in Nashville, Tennessee into a makeshift office. They wanted to help big box installers streamline and automate all of their processes. Plus they wanted to do it with software that was nice to look at and easy to use.
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This Is Us Now

Since that day by the lake, Surge1 has grown and changed. Surge1 launched in February 2017 and now more than ever we are committed to helping big box installers manage and improve all of their processes, from purchase order to payment automation, using one beautifully simple application. If you are a retail installation service provider looking for help with purchase order processing, scheduling and invoicing, we would like to hear from you.

Our Team

Jacob Myatt (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

I stated my career as a Lowe’s installer in 1998 working for a small company in Franklin, TN.  I later branched out getting my own vendor number with Lowe’s and grew in a multi million dollar Lowe’s vendor.  Running the day to day grind was a normal part of my life.  So the idea of Surge1 was born to help with office and installer efficiency.  After selling my Lowe’s installation company, I started to focus 100% of my time with Surge1.  When I am not traveling the country meeting and setting up new clients on Surge1, I like to spend time with my family camping in local state parks across Tennessee.

John Soer (CTO & Co-Founder)

John is an entrepreneur at heart who lives by the saying, “Outside of your comfot zone is where the magic happens.” He brings many years of successful IT experience to his role as CTO and Cofounder of Surge1. John oversees the design and development of Surge1 and keeps everything running smoothly (most of the time). When John is not absorbed with Surge1, he can be found spending time with his wife and four boys. John enjoys rollerblading, hiking, camping, and watching his boys play soccer.

Darryl Wood (CFO & Co-Founder)

Darryl has logged too many years and too many miles to mention in polite company.  He has devoted most of his working life to software enabled process leverage and improvement, which he has practiced in many corporate and government settings. Darryl wears several hats at Surge1 including risk manager and CFO.  When he is not working, Darryl loves to write and he loves to hike with his wife and family. Depending on the weather, he can often be found doing one or the other.

Joy Prettyman (Technical Services Manager)

Joy provides billing and technical support for Surge 1. She builds great rapport with Surge 1 clients and manages the Zendesk Support ticketing system. Joy is a previous Lowe’s Store Manager that joined forces with Surge 1 following 13 years of Lowe’s management and administration. Joy is a native of Bowling Green, KY…but currently resides in a small city just outside of Nashville, TN. In Joy’s free time, she loves spending time with her family and dog Raider. She enjoys baking, hiking, kayaking, and planning for her next adventure with her husband.

Zach Drane (Corporate Trainer)

Zach has a background in IT and the flooring industry. He is a Pittsburgh native, so don’t be surprised by his Yinzer lingo. Zach rose through the ranks to operations manager of a Lowe’s flooring contractor, where he gained a working experience of migrating them into IMS, then later Surge1. At Surge1 Zach takes on the task of onboarding new clients and helping them adapt our system to their operation. When Zach is not working, he enjoys spending time with family, friends, or alone with a good book. He is an avid model train collector and enjoys playing strategy games when not tinkering with his train layout.