Surge1 is an exciting new company emerging out of Nashville, TN to provide relief to retail installers overburdened by rising administrative costs and workloads.

Our Story

Our founder, Jacob Myatt, is an active Lowes installation partner responsible for door and window installations across Tennessee. Jacob started his company as an owner/installer, with a handful of stores, doing doors and windows in the Middle Tennessee area.

Growth Leads to Demand for Office Automation
As demand for services grew, Jacob took on more and more installers and trained them in various trades to serve Lowes customers. As his company approached two million in gross sales and his office staff grew, Jacob saw a real need to handle his purchase order flow and office administration more efficiently.

The Solution
In early 2016, Jacob began searching for a software solution, but every solution he looked to was overpriced and underperforming. Failing to find what he needed, he decided to build the best platform he could conceive. Jacob brought in system and software specialists, formed a management team, parked a trailer by a local lake and started drawing out his dream solution for installer office automation.

Launching Our Platform
Our Surge1 team has been hard at work every day since to make that dream a reality. Our product launched in February 2017. If you are a retail installation service provider looking for help with purchase order processing, scheduling and invoicing, we would like to hear from you.